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Only Sellers

( As on Feb 23, 2018 3:59PM )

You can view the stocks which are listed in last three years where there are only sellers present but no buyers for the shares.
Company NameIndustryOffer Qty.(Nos.)Last Price ( ₹ )Change ( ₹ )Change(%)
Jubilant Life Scienc Pharmaceuticals18043883.80-108.00-10.89
Adhunik Industries Steel661068.40-3.60-5.00
Agarwal Industrial C Transport - Road335362.25-19.05-5.00
Gitanjali Gems Diamond Cutting/Pr...38452624.75-1.30-4.99
Vakrangee Computers - Software236159189.70-9.95-4.98
Supreme Tex Mart L Textiles - Spinnin...152.00-0.10-4.76
Bharati Defence Ship - Docks/Break...20006.30-0.30-4.55
Karuturi Global Ltd. Miscellaneous448002.15-0.10-4.44
ICSA-India Ltd. Computers - Software25023.30-0.15-4.35
Ducon Infratech Computers - Hardware1300231.95-1.40-4.20
Rohit Ferro-Tech Ferro Alloys20003.70-0.15-3.90
PG Electroplast Ltd. Electronics - Equi...336310.20-12.45-3.86
Khandwala Securi Finance & Investments17522.80-0.90-3.80
Excel Realty N Infra IT Enabled Services299926.80-1.05-3.77
Banaras Beads Li Miscellaneous55065.50-2.40-3.53
Lexus Granito(India) Granites/Marbles3000101.45-3.55-3.38
Patspin India Textiles - Spinnin...11121.55-0.75-3.36
Super Spinning Textiles - Spinnin...27115.00-0.50-3.23
KM Sugar Mills Sugar274314.30-0.45-3.05
The Western India Decoratives - Wood...4454.35-1.70-3.03
Manaksia Steels Steel30035.05-1.05-2.91
Grindwell Norton Abrasives And Grin...50498.20-13.95-2.72
Apollo Micro Systems Electronics - Equi...3446312.50-8.75-2.72
Refex Industries Industrial Gas100018.10-0.50-2.69
OCL Iron & Steel Steel80003.80-0.10-2.56
Parsvnath Developers Construction & Con...98221.30-0.55-2.52
Savita Oil Tech Petrochem - Others761421.10-33.70-2.32
Windsor Machines Engineering - Heavy95117.70-2.65-2.20
Uttam Galva Steels Steel - GP/GC Sheets1018.10-0.40-2.16
Supreme Infrastructu Construction & Con...31194.20-2.05-2.13
Vinati Organics Chemicals - Organi...598781.75-16.70-2.09
PNB Gilts Ltd. Finance & Investments872235.80-0.75-2.05
Castex Technologies Auto Ancl - Others2474.85-0.10-2.02
Weizmann Textiles - Process...99943.75-0.85-1.91
TV Vision Entertainment/Mult...50018.10-0.35-1.90
Oriental Hotels Hotels, Resorts & ...126951.05-0.95-1.83
SIL Investments Ltd. Finance & Investments47436.10-8.05-1.81
Ausom Enterprise Finance & Investments1265.85-1.20-1.79
Inox Wind Ltd. Engineering - Heavy214129.25-2.35-1.79
Siemens Ltd. Instrumentation & ...1001172.10-21.10-1.77
Global Offshore Ser Shipping63130.65-0.55-1.76
GAIL (India) Ltd. Oil Drilling And E...2166458.40-7.75-1.66
Excel Crop Care Ltd. Pesticides/Agro Ch...213338.65-56.00-1.65
S P Apparels Ltd. Textiles - Readyma...1057330.10-5.50-1.64
Tarmat L Construction & Con...61860.05-1.00-1.64
Panacea Biotec L Pharmaceuticals5112321.05-5.25-1.61
Spice Mobility L Telecommunications...20018.45-0.30-1.60
Johnson Controls-Hit Air Conditioners4432226.55-35.25-1.56
Skipper Ltd. Engineering - General313241.05-3.65-1.49
Responsive Industrie Plastics - Plastic...149843.95-0.65-1.46
Rane Holdings Ltd. Finance & Investments152551.50-37.65-1.45
Vipul Ltd. Construction & Con...28465.70-0.95-1.43
Oracle Financial Ser Computers - Software1424032.30-58.30-1.43
Bang Overseas Ltd. Textiles - Readyma...77231.30-0.45-1.42
ICRA Ltd. Services - Others23801.75-51.00-1.32
Redington (India) Lt Computers - Hardware172148.05-1.90-1.27
eClerx Services IT Enabled Services3741336.95-16.70-1.23
Lambodhara Texti Textiles - Spinnin...50378.55-0.95-1.19
Apollo Hospitals Hospitals & Medica...11151231.60-14.85-1.19
Unichem Labs Pharmaceuticals1303330.00-3.95-1.18
GTN Industries Textiles - Spinnin...15716.75-0.20-1.18
Man Industries I Steel - Tubes/Pipes699128.25-1.50-1.16
Magnum Ventures Ltd. Paper & Paper Prod...512.95-0.15-1.15
Prestige Estates Pro Construction & Con...239314.30-3.55-1.12
Goldstone Tech Computers - Software14913.40-0.15-1.11
Newgen Software Tech Computers - Software807234.00-2.55-1.08
Dynacons Systems Computers - Software11037.35-0.40-1.06
Pioneer Emb. Textiles - Hosiery...52437.45-0.40-1.06
Birla Corporation Lt Cement921871.50-9.30-1.06
NIIT Ltd. Computers - Softwa...4553494.55-1.00-1.05
Garden Silk Mill Textiles - Weaving3838.05-0.40-1.04
ITI Telecommunications...11116125.70-1.30-1.02
AstraZeneca Pharma I Pharmaceuticals301031.70-10.05-0.96
Motor & General Finance & Investments8838.50-0.35-0.90
Salora Intl. Consumer Goods - E...217345.55-0.40-0.87
Gokul Refoils & Solv Edible Oils & Solv...34717.30-0.15-0.86
Motilal Oswal Financ Finance & Investments7511182.05-10.10-0.85
INEOS Styrolution Petrochem - Polymers3904.35-7.70-0.84
Indian Hotels Co Hotels, Resorts & ...7465131.45-1.10-0.83
Amber Enterprises Air Conditioners501124.40-9.35-0.82
Educomp Solutions Education - Coachi...68206.15-0.05-0.81
Time Technoplast Ltd Packaging - Metali...2332183.35-1.40-0.76
TeamLease Service Services - Others282096.65-15.95-0.75
Essel Propack Ltd. Packaging - Metali...680270.80-2.05-0.75
AIA Engineering Castings/Foundry401474.25-10.30-0.69
8K Miles Software Computers - Software2753.45-5.25-0.69
Tasty Bite Food Processing - ...188245.95-53.85-0.65
McNally Bharat E Engineering - General4665.85-0.40-0.60
Gujarat Gas LPG Bottling/Distr...58855.10-5.00-0.58
Dishman Carbogen Amc Pharmaceuticals481329.35-1.90-0.57
Pearl Global Industr Textiles - Readyma...5113.00-0.65-0.57
NCL Industries Cement113230.15-1.30-0.56
P&G Hygiene&Health Personal Care2739355.05-52.60-0.56
Eicher Motors Auto - LCVs/HCVs626724.40-144.10-0.54
SKF India Bearings1281839.85-9.15-0.49
Indian Bank Finance - Banks - ...95318.00-1.50-0.47
Nelco Ltd Telecommunications...2813159.85-0.75-0.47
Shyam Century Ferro Ferro Alloys332010.75-0.05-0.46
Thangamayil Jeweller Diamond Cutting/Pr...139520.20-2.40-0.46
Agro Tech Foods Ltd. Edible Oils & Solv...20630.35-2.90-0.46
Mahi. & Mahi Auto - Cars & Jeeps1988718.65-3.30-0.46
Infosys Computers - Software23661155.65-5.10-0.44
Symphony Domestic Appliance...201691.20-7.05-0.42
Lakshmi Precn.Sc Fasteners4048.95-0.20-0.41
Titan Company Watches104814.20-3.30-0.40
Kajaria Ceramics Ceramics/Tiles/San...41574.50-2.25-0.39
Vesuvius India Refractories3001337.15-5.20-0.39
Federal-Mogul Goetze Auto Ancl - Engine...44485.55-1.80-0.37
UCO Bank Finance - Banks - ...2027.15-0.10-0.37
ISMT Ltd. Steel - Rolling36214.05-0.05-0.35
GujaratStatePetronet Petrochem - Others9828199.25-0.70-0.35
Alembic Pharmaceutic Pharmaceuticals235561.90-1.80-0.32
Gillette India Ltd. Personal Care506646.05-20.90-0.31
GlaxoSmithKline Phar Pharmaceuticals4412404.70-7.25-0.30
Akzo Nobel India Ltd Paints/Varnishes3011758.15-5.25-0.30
Weizmann Forex Finance & Investments201055.55-3.05-0.29
Hinduja Global Solut Computers - Software239842.30-2.20-0.26
SITI Networks Entertainment/Mult...179419.30-0.05-0.26
Gayatri Projects Construction & Con...2283212.95-0.55-0.26
Security and Intelli Services - Others41156.90-2.95-0.25
Mahamaya Steel Indus Steel - CR/HR Strips24481.10-0.20-0.25
MPS Ltd. Printing/Publishin...232579.50-1.35-0.23
Sathavahana Ispa Steel - Pig Iron48221.90-0.05-0.23
Container Corpor Transport - Road4441329.75-2.95-0.22
Orbit Exports Li Textiles - Weaving83159.20-0.35-0.22
Max India Finance & Investments42295.70-0.20-0.21
Sanofi India Pharmaceuticals174825.95-9.70-0.20
Coal India Ltd. Mining/Minerals385310.95-0.60-0.19
Garware-Wall Rop Textiles - General144921.15-1.60-0.17
Uniply Industries Decoratives - Wood...278449.80-0.75-0.17
Excel Industries Pesticides/Agro Ch...352826.55-1.20-0.14
Orissa Minerals Deve Mining/Minerals51696.75-2.40-0.14
Electrotherm (In Engineering - General196157.10-0.20-0.13
Bliss GVS Pharma Pharmaceuticals1421189.45-0.20-0.11
Sundaram Clayton Auto Ancl - Susp. ...4004834.90-4.95-0.10
India Nippon Ele Auto Ancl - Electr...98996.30-1.00-0.10
Jindal Worldwide Textiles - General1439620.35-0.40-0.06
Ruby Mills Textiles - Composi...9330.60-0.15-0.05
Bank of India Finance - Banks - ...5612128.95-0.05-0.04
Khadim India Leather/Synthetic ...54699.20-0.25-0.04
Bharat Road Network Construction & Con...30178.30-0.05-0.03
Themis Medicare Ltd. Pharmaceuticals57539.00-0.15-0.03
Jenson & Nich. Paints/Varnishes196003.950.000.00
Arihant Foundat Construction & Con...100046.250.000.00
GTL Infrastructure Telecommunications...540225.100.000.00
Coral India Finance Finance - Housing97137.850.000.00
Diamond Power Infras Cables - Power/Others206713.700.000.00
Uttam Value Steels Steel - CR/HR Strips137800010.250.000.00
Raj Rayon Industries Textiles - Process...1250000.450.000.00
Mandhana Industries Textiles - Manmade...7746.550.000.00
BSEL Infra. Realty Construction & Con...204.550.000.00
Sri Adhikari Bro Entertainment/Mult...170021.350.000.00
Shreyas Shipping & L Shipping8561.750.050.01
Nilkamal Ltd. Plastics - Plastic...6741695.800.300.02
VST Tillers Tr Auto - Tractors892618.950.650.02
Mas Financial Servic Finance & Investments9601.000.200.03
Gravita India Ltd. Metals - Non Ferro...36149.600.050.03
Tata Metaliks Steel - Pig Iron832787.950.300.04
Gulf Oil Lubricants Lubricants81985.500.500.05
MEP Infrastructure Infrastructure - G...1044190.350.050.06
MphasiS Ltd. Computers - Software1496906.800.550.06
Hexaware Technologie Computers - Software2607352.150.250.07
BayerCropscience Pesticides/Agro Ch...643831.754.050.11
Pennar Engineered Bu Engineering - General174490.050.100.11
Indiabulls Real Esta Construction & Con...19408221.700.250.11
Oil Country Tub. Steel - Tubes/Pipes1842.850.050.12
Minda Corporation Auto Ancl - Others626195.800.250.13
Wendt India Abrasives And Grin...142757.603.800.14
Kansai Nerolac Paint Paints/Varnishes61488.400.700.14
CARE Ratings Services - Others911372.702.200.16
OM Metals Infraproje Project Consultanc...59861.850.100.16
Madhav Marbles & Gra Granites/Marbles64261.150.100.16
Prataap Snacks Food Processing - ...1321215.302.150.18
Linde India Industrial Gas6487.300.950.20
Astron Paper & Board Paper & Paper Prod...2790127.900.250.20
Hind. NationalGl Glass & Glass Prod...100122.450.250.20
MBL Infrastructures Construction & Con...37424.450.050.20
Sintex Industrie Textiles - General577421.300.050.24
Eris Lifesciences Pharmaceuticals292736.451.850.25
Eimco Elecon Ind Engineering - Heavy2492.351.250.25
SQS India BFSI Computers - Software5518.251.350.26
BSL Ltd Textiles - Weaving60076.600.200.26
Shalby Hospitals & Medica...55224.500.600.27
HDFC Finance - Housing2351824.204.950.27
Alkem Laboratories Pharmaceuticals352181.306.500.30
TTK Prestige L Domestic Appliance...117107.1021.250.30
APL Apollo Tubes Steel - Tubes/Pipes251994.606.000.30
Videocon Industries Consumer Goods - E...4334816.550.050.30
Elgi Equipments Compressors24310.250.950.31
Kamat Hotels (In Hotels, Resorts & ...9108.350.350.32
Cera Sanitaryware L Ceramics/Tiles/San...103235.6010.500.33
Goldstone Infratech Telecommunications...1753196.050.650.33
Dilip Buildcon Ltd. Construction & Con...2800962.203.350.35
SORIL Infra Resource Retail - Apparel/A...1236.700.850.36
Ashapura Intimates F Textiles - Readyma...3164502.401.850.37
Shankara Building Pr Trading251704.606.550.39
Summit Securities Finance & Investments16897.303.450.39
VRL Logistics Ltd. Logistics - Wareho...128414.351.600.39
Hero MotoCorp Auto - 2 & 3 Wheelers2583494.7013.500.39
La Opala RG Ltd. Glass & Glass Prod...6645.252.550.40
Ador Welding Ltd. Welding Equipment ...225427.801.750.41
Solar Industries Ind Industrial Explosives431014.504.200.42
TVS Srichakra Lt Tyres & Tubes243665.7015.600.43
Amtek Auto Ltd. Auto Ancl - Susp. ...601823.150.100.43
Hind Rectifiers Electronics - Equi...6135.750.600.44
Dredging Corpora Miscellaneous2405692.103.100.45
Dalmia Bharat Sugar Sugar708107.100.500.47
Tata Motors Ltd. Auto - LCVs/HCVs349360.201.700.47
Allahabad Bank Finance - Banks - ...247452.200.250.48
IOL Chemicals and Ph Pharmaceuticals277280.400.400.50
Zee Entertainment En Entertainment/Mult...4569.952.900.51
Adani Enterprises Lt Trading7276204.351.050.52
Automotive Axles Auto Ancl - Dr. Tr...891543.958.100.53
Swaraj Engines Engines3291943.9510.300.53
Carborundum Uni. Abrasives And Grin...27356.901.900.54
Aro Granite Indu Granites/Marbles88365.400.350.54
Siyaram Silk Textiles - Weaving31655.253.700.57
Mohota Industries L Textiles - Composi...156302.351.750.58
The Ramco Cements Cement512718.304.200.59
Zen Technologies Ltd Computers - Software36118.350.700.59
Dixon Technologies Domestic Appliance...5463285.4519.550.60
KEC International Lt Power - Transmissi...100401.252.400.60
Nitin Spinners Textiles - Spinnin...400108.550.650.60
Aptech Ltd. Computers - Softwa...6217325.101.950.60
JM Financial Ltd. Finance & Investments1667148.150.900.61
Cyient Ltd. Computers - Software427623.453.800.61
Phillips Carbon Carbon Black14741190.157.300.62
Ramky Infrastructure Construction & Con...37199.951.250.63
Endurance Technologi Auto Ancl - Others7171277.058.000.63
Gyscoal Alloys Ltd. Steel - Rolling1487.800.050.65
Adani Transmission L Power - Transmissi...1380209.401.350.65
Dwarikesh Sugar Sugar358438.550.250.65
Tata Investment Finance & Investments991811.005.300.66
Entertainment Networ Entertainment/Mult...453702.304.600.66
GRUH Finance Li Finance - Housing2801546.403.600.66
Wonderla Holidays Lt Travel Agen. / Tou...6377.152.550.68
Sutlej Textiles & In Textiles - General30080.650.550.69
Vijay Shanthi Bu Construction & Con...50021.950.150.69
Hester Biosciences L Pharmaceuticals131597.1511.300.71
ITC Ltd. Cigarettes11666269.051.950.73
SMS Lifesciences Ind Pharmaceuticals4414.553.100.75
Cigniti Technologies Computers - Software200253.051.900.76
Neuland Laborat Pharmaceuticals9706.655.350.76
Compucom Softwr Computers - Softwa...15613.200.100.76
Career Point Miscellaneous90125.300.950.76
Gillanders Arbut Diversified272.350.550.77
Dollar Industries Textiles - Hosiery...270420.303.200.77
GE T&D India Power - Transmissi...507413.103.150.77
Punj. & Sind Ban Finance - Banks - ...2538.950.300.78
Rane Engine Valve Lt Auto Ancl - Engine...3526.304.100.79
Satin Creditcare Finance & Investments193450.203.550.79
Wipro Ltd Computers - Software3784295.002.350.80
Indoco Remedies Pharmaceuticals105262.602.100.81
Mangalam Timber Decoratives - Wood...4331.250.250.81
Rana Sugars Sugar11956.200.050.81
Alphageo (India) Oil Drilling And E...132814.456.600.82
Malu Paper Mills Paper & Paper Prod...2036.800.300.82
Escorts Ltd. Auto - Tractors302878.607.200.83
Godrej Agrovet L Food Processing - ...273585.054.800.83
Jocil Ltd. Chemicals - Organi...205174.001.450.84
Sonata Software Computers - Software4304329.852.800.86
Bansal Multiflex Trading2000117.001.000.86
Hind. Oil Explor Oil Drilling And E...668116.701.000.86
Cochin Shipyard Ship - Docks/Break...383528.054.600.88
Nitin Fire Protectio Fire Protection Eq...72375.650.050.89
Godfrey Philips Cigarettes146875.707.800.90
Tribhovandas Bhimji Diamond Cutting/Pr...200105.000.950.91
Andhra Cement Cement5311.050.100.91
Suryalakshmi Cot Textiles - Spinnin...12480.750.750.94
Vardhman Acrylics Lt Textiles - Manmade...5048.000.450.95
Crompton Greaves Con Electric Equipment...161232.902.200.95
Oriental Carbon Carbon Black91193.5011.300.96
Karur Vysya Bank Finance - Banks - ...9253110.101.050.96
Blue Star Air Conditioners75739.107.200.98
Future Lifestyle Retail - Apparel1751368.603.600.99
Archidply Industries Decoratives - Wood...165392.000.900.99
Vaswani Industries L Steel - Sponge Iron9915.300.150.99
Tata Power Co. Power - Generation...1555785.750.851.00
SJVN Ltd. Power - Generation...199134.800.351.02
Cipla Pharmaceuticals6595.656.001.02
Indraprastha Med Hospitals & Medica...51954.400.551.02
Pudumjee Industries Construction & Con...114.750.151.03
Syngene Internationa Miscellaneous482578.905.951.04
HSIL Ltd. Ceramics/Tiles/San...8427.954.401.04
Bajaj Electrical Domestic Appliance...32505.605.251.05
Brigade Enterprises Construction & Con...800281.852.951.06
IDFC Bank Finance - Banks - ...33751.950.551.07
Reliance Inds. Diversified1755934.259.901.07
Capital First Finance & Investments3672.557.201.08
Tide Water Oil Lubricants1206524.8070.851.10
Welspun Enterprises Construction & Con...56165.601.801.10
Manali Petrochem Petrochem - Polymers299036.550.401.11
Orient Paper Diversified134040.900.451.11
Galaxy Surfacta. Chemicals - Specia...7701614.5017.851.12
Nesco Ltd. Diversified3591.056.551.12
Rolta India Computers - Software438571.300.801.13
BPL Ltd. Consumer Goods - E...4992.351.051.15
Union Bank of In Finance - Banks - ...287108.601.251.16
Arihant Superstructu Construction & Con...3150143.051.651.17
DCB Bank Finance - Banks - ...354164.301.901.17
Idea Cellular Ltd. Telecommunications...280582.150.951.17
ACC Cement2471651.4519.101.17
Ashiana Housing Ltd. Construction & Con...150172.652.001.17
Kellton Tech Solutio Computers - Software657120.151.401.18
PetronetLNG Petrochem - Others978243.552.851.18
SRF Ltd. Textiles - Manmade...1621922.0022.551.19
Majesco L Computers - Software549472.155.601.20
PSL Ltd. Steel - Tubes/Pipes5004.200.051.20
IndusInd Bank Finance - Banks - ...371643.5020.001.23
JK Lakshmi Cement L Cement2231425.805.201.24
Precot Meridian Ltd. Textiles - Spinnin...14569.500.851.24
Neueon Towers Power - Transmissi...1584.000.051.27
Viceroy Hotels L Hotels, Resorts & ...42715.800.201.28
Indiabulls Housing F Finance & Investments1971283.6516.251.28
Bedmutha Industries Steel - Wires60623.600.301.29
JK Tyre & Industries Tyres & Tubes998153.151.951.29
Sequent Scientific Pharmaceuticals13782.251.051.29
WABCO India Auto Ancl - Susp. ...287140.7591.751.30
Indraprastha Gas Ltd Industrial Gas490295.503.801.30
Orient Bell Ceramics/Tiles/San...20291.203.801.32
Aarti Ind. Ltd Chemicals - Organi...1371170.4015.301.32
Mangalore Chem. Fertilisers168.150.901.34
Kirloskar Elect Electric Equipment...15837.800.501.34
Sastasundar Ventures Finance & Investments100108.001.451.36
J Kumar Infraproject Construction & Con...5333.904.501.37
Biocon Pharmaceuticals3163628.258.501.37
Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals & Medica...16311.754.251.38
Pincon Spirit Beverages & Distil...103832.950.451.38
Zuari Global Construction & Con...11190.152.601.39
Smartlink Network Computers - Hardware75101.951.401.39
Selan Exploratio Oil Drilling And E...46207.352.851.39
Harrisons Malaya Plantations - Tea ...6183.151.151.40
Bharat Bijlee Electric Equipment...151442.2519.951.40
STI India Limi Textiles - Spinnin...1317.950.251.41
Tata Chemicals Chemicals - Inorga...14706.759.901.42
SBI Life Insurance Finance - Life Ins...488675.709.501.43
ICICI Lombard Gen. Finance - Non Life...161820.7011.551.43
Kingfa Science & Tec Plastics - Plastic...50984.0513.951.44
Jubilant Foodworks L Food Processing - ...672003.3028.401.44
Celestial Biolabs Lt Pharmaceuticals2217.600.251.44
Praj Industries Engineering - Heavy698090.951.301.45
Hitech Corporation Plastics - Plastic...90157.152.251.45
Pennar Industrie Steel - CR/HR Strips2356159.350.851.45
Ratnamani Metals Steel - Tubes/Pipes2901.4012.951.46
Cadila Healthcar Pharmaceuticals800406.555.901.47
HDFC Bank Finance - Banks - ...15861880.5527.351.48
PC Jeweller L Diamond Cutting/Pr...30332.354.851.48
Muthoot Capital Finance & Investments106749.4511.051.50
Canara Bank Finance - Banks - ...1182313.854.651.50
Natco Pharma Pharmaceuticals60778.1511.551.51
Cineline India Entertainment/Mult...60384.201.251.51
Syndicate Bank Finance - Banks - ...644160.600.901.51
HOV Services Ltd. IT Enabled Services183278.404.151.51
Sreeleathers Ltd. Leather/Synthetic ...300253.403.801.52
Future Retail L Retail - Departmen...65518.907.801.53
Supreme Petroche Petrochem - Polymers93354.805.351.53
General Ins. Corp. Finance - Reinsurance215737.9011.251.55
Indian Terrain Fashi Textiles - Readyma...396203.203.101.55
HCL Technologies Computers - Software259955.6014.601.55
Jindal Photo Photographic & All...465.001.001.56
Kalpataru Power Power - Transmissi...231460.657.101.57
ARSS Infrastructure Construction & Con...65051.800.801.57
Lypsa Gems & Jewell Diamond Cutting/Pr...19032.300.501.57
Power Grid Corpo Power - Transmissi...1041193.253.001.58
Exide Inds. Auto Ancl - Batteries2078210.053.301.60
Shemaroo Entertainme Entertainment/Mult...2524.458.251.60
T Nadu Newsprint Paper & Paper Prod...50368.155.901.63
NDTV Entertainment/Mult...75043.300.701.64
KSK Energy Ventures Power - Generation...462612.350.201.65
Future Consumer Miscellaneous815161.251.001.66
Nucleus Software Computers - Software30471.757.751.67
Orient Refractories Refractories615173.402.851.67
Hubtown Construction & Con...28387.801.451.68
Rane (Madras) Auto Ancl - Dr. Tr...483822.0013.651.69
Dena Bank Finance - Banks - ...244620.900.351.70
Intellect Design Computers - Software324186.703.151.72
Sagar Cements Cement26971.8516.401.72
Pidilite Inds. Chemicals - Specia...2752900.7015.201.72
Provogue (India) Retail - Apparel/A...76615.850.101.74
NTPC Power - Generation...93163.552.801.74
Schneider Electric Electric Equipment...102113.751.951.74
Ajanta Pharma Lt Pharmaceuticals3131374.4524.151.79
BF Utilities Ltd. Power - Generation...26448.907.951.80
GNA Axles Auto Ancl - Engine...461422.907.501.81
Birla Cable Cables - Telephone2564.701.151.81
Trident Ltd. Textiles - Spinnin...49273.101.301.81
Ruchira Papers Ltd. Paper & Paper Prod...39179.503.201.82
Central Depository Services - Others3599318.605.701.82
AdlabsEntertainment Entertainment/Mult...27257.301.051.87
Bombay Burmah Plantations - Tea ...1201551.5028.951.90
Mastek Li Computers - Software474503.309.401.90
Swelect Energy Syste Electric Equipment...19431.008.101.92
GIC Housing Fi Finance - Housing207400.907.551.92
AtlasCycles(Haryana) Cycles & Accessories100187.453.601.96
Bharti Infratel Ltd. Infrastructure - G...65340.406.551.96
Esab India Welding Equipment ...58806.1015.551.97
Balaji Amines Li Chemicals - Organi...1016665.3512.901.98
Bharatiya Global Inf Computers - Software65005.150.101.98
Nahar Spg Mills Textiles - Hosiery...4107.252.102.00
TD Power Systems Ltd Electric Equipment...48218.704.302.01
Ramkrishna Forgings Forgings335745.1514.702.01
Digjam L Textiles - General8512.650.252.02
Tree House Education Education - Coachi...1112.500.252.04
Jayshree Tea Plantations - Tea ...444101.902.052.05
Dr. Reddy's Labs Pharmaceuticals3622167.0543.602.05
Bajaj Finance L Finance & Investments2841633.4033.052.07
Camlin Fine Sciences Chemicals - Others98113.152.302.07
Barak Valley Cements Cement25031.800.652.09
Graphite India Ltd. Electrodes - Graphite9685619.2012.702.09
Infibeam Incorp E-Commerce - Elect...1710160.653.352.13
Adhunik Metaliks Steel - Sponge Iron124.750.102.15
Alchemist Diversified69011.750.252.17
Berger Paints I Paints/Varnishes2855245.855.252.18
Britannia Ind. Food Processing - ...1214961.90106.052.18
Sun TV Network Ltd. Entertainment/Mult...228928.5520.252.23
T T Ltd. Textiles - Hosiery...13293.852.052.23
Chambal Fertilis Fertilisers534157.503.452.24
Apollo Tyres Tyres & Tubes756268.855.902.24
Tantia Constructions Construction & Con...241915.850.352.26
Arcotech Ltd. Metals - Non Ferro...25045.201.002.26
United Breweries Ltd Beverages & Distil...181080.3023.952.27
SPIC Fertilisers9238.100.852.28
Mawana Sugars Ltd. Sugar204262.001.402.31
JMC Projects Construction & Con...598578.4013.102.32
RPG Life Sciences Pharmaceuticals3452.0510.252.32
YES Bank Ltd. Finance - Banks - ...838323.457.352.33
Taj GVK Hotels & Res Hotels, Resorts & ...937167.903.852.35
Tarapur Transformers Electric Equipment...3376.500.152.36
Sangam India Ltd Textiles - Spinnin...350142.453.302.37
Sasken Technologies Computers - Software282750.9517.452.38
India Glycols Chemicals - Organi...3987507.3011.802.38
IFB Industries Domestic Appliance...501394.5032.502.39
Guj. Sidhee Ceme Cement100032.100.752.39
Asian Granito India Ceramics/Tiles/San...4507.1511.902.40
India Motor Part Trading1131108.3526.352.44
Minda Industries Auto Ancl - Electr...1181104.3027.102.52
Lakshmi Machines Engineering - Heavy146180.80153.752.55
GKW L Fasteners10613.3015.302.56
Infinite Computer So Computers - Software360488.1012.202.56
Rollatainers Ltd Packaging - Metali...23346.000.152.56
Arman Financial Serv Finance & Investments14291.357.402.61
Techno Electric & En Engineering - Heavy1856359.409.152.61
Trigyn Technolog Computers - Software437148.953.802.62
HCL Infosystem Computers - Hardware1306863.901.652.65
Rural Electrific Finance - Term Len...642140.303.652.67
Network 18 Media & I Finance & Investments249949.901.302.67
Surana Solar Electric Equipment...40015.300.402.68
Genesys Int.Corp. Computers - Software225272.257.152.70
Aarvee Denims an Textiles - Denim140049.451.302.70
Just Dial Services - Others2655464.2012.302.72
Nitco Ltd. Ceramics/Tiles/San...5646120.753.202.72
HEG Ltd. Electrodes - Graphite1672653.8070.652.74
Kridhan Infra Infrastructure - G...558113.653.052.76
EID Parry Sugar454319.708.602.76
Shilpi Cable Technol Cables - Telephone190011.150.302.76
Hindalco Indus. Aluminium20246.556.652.77
PTC India Financial Finance & Investments5331.250.852.80
Rain Industries Cement970382.5010.452.81
Ess Dee Aluminium Lt Packaging - Metali...18964.701.802.86
Castrol India Lubricants2739193.655.402.87
Raj Television Netwo Entertainment/Mult...655.501.552.87
Biofil Chemicals Pharmaceuticals200016.100.452.88
Music Broadcast Entertainment/Mult...315365.9010.252.88
Shree Cement Cement3217219.50489.952.93
CMI L Cables - Telephone82253.007.202.93
Ceat Ltd. Tyres & Tubes5851617.6046.152.94
Pioneer Distille Beverages & Distil...142185.555.302.94
GHCL Chemicals - Inorga...3036295.258.452.95
Bhushan Steel Ltd. Steel - CR/HR Strips1548750.401.452.96
Renaissance Jeweller Diamond Cutting/Pr...115347.1010.002.97
Lux Industries Textiles - Readyma...571721.4550.052.99
Power Finance Co Finance - Term Len...10583107.803.153.01
Astra Microwave Engineering - General60093.952.753.02
Divi's Lab Pharmaceuticals211050.1030.853.03
V Mart Retail Retail - Departmen...221597.3547.103.04
Eurotex Inds. Textiles - Spinnin...8636.951.103.07
Manaksia Ltd. Packaging - Metali...2555.251.653.08
JSW Steel Steel3225306.959.253.11
Somi Conveyor Beltin Miscellaneous19060.951.853.13
GTN Textiles Textiles - General4719.450.603.18
Firstsource Solution IT Enabled Services6181951.851.603.18
Ambika Cotton Mi Textiles - Spinnin...301360.2042.353.21
Sanghi Industrie Cement Products3258115.003.653.28
Jindal Saw Steel - Tubes/Pipes12336138.704.453.31
BF Investment Ltd. Finance & Investments1529328.9010.603.33
N R Agarwal Indu Paper & Paper Prod...48452.2014.603.34
The Hi-Tech Gears Auto Ancl - Gears ...515444.4514.353.34
L&T Technology Serv Engineering - General11141401.5045.303.34
Sree Rayalaseema Hi- Chemicals - Inorga...250169.505.503.35
Ballarpur Ind. Paper & Paper Prod...64013.850.453.36
V2 Retail Retail - Apparel/A...217357.2511.653.37
Indian Metal & F Mining/Minerals14593.0519.603.42
Royal Orchid Hotels Hotels, Resorts & ...4205199.006.603.43
Tata Communications Telecommunications...35639.1521.303.45
Commercial Engineers Engineering - General78216.500.553.45
Ruchi Infrastructure Edible Oils & Solv...30744.350.153.57
Suzlon Energy Ltd. Engineering - Heavy16982413.000.453.59
Dolphin Offshore Ent Oil Drilling And E...136792.153.203.60
Linc Pen & Plast Miscellaneous622466.5516.403.64
JSW Energy Ltd. Power - Generation...3282.002.903.67
Guj. Fluorochemi Chemicals - Organi...47777.1027.653.69
Hilton Metal Forging Forgings4533.501.203.72
Torrent Power Ltd. Power - Generation...8601263.809.453.72
Umang Dairies Ltd. Food Processing - ...165096.253.503.77
Welspun Corp Steel - Tubes/Pipes2037167.156.103.79
Parag Milk Foods Food Processing - ...613290.0510.703.83
Panama Petrochem Chemicals - Specia...151186.806.903.84
RBL Bank Finance - Banks - ...446488.0018.153.86
Century Enka Textiles - Manmade...16348.4013.454.02
SAB Events & Governa Entertainment/Mult...108411.650.454.02
Dhampur Sugar Sugar310202.208.004.12
Varun Beverages Ltd. Beverage Non Alcoh...101663.3526.304.13
BAG Films & Media Entertainment/Mult...7886.300.254.13
Ramco Industries Cement Products19256.7510.454.24
Avanti Feeds Lim Animal/Shrimp Feed21562410.6098.904.28
Rajvir Industries Lt Textiles - General13545.951.904.31
Sundaram Finance Finance & Investments1301695.0070.254.32
Vidhi Specialty Food Dyes & Pigments5588.953.754.40
Viji Finance Finance & Investments507.100.304.41
Sintercom India Auto Ancl - Engine...200069.753.004.49
V-Guard Ind.Ltd. Electric Equipment...16107235.6510.154.50
National Alumini Aluminium1005467.952.954.54
Dewan Housing Finance - Housing1850576.3025.254.58
IFB Agro Indus Beverages & Distil...32672.4529.504.59
Muthoot Finance Finance & Investments107387.8017.304.67
Ester India Packaging - Metali...288666.703.004.71
D B Realty Ltd. Construction & Con...1977658.152.654.77
Avenue Supermarts Retail - Departmen...4501300.2559.604.80
Steel ExchangeIndia Steel6710329.451.354.80
IZMO Computers - Software36107.654.954.82
Banco Products Auto Ancl - Engine...73224.8510.404.85
Uttam Sugar Mills Sugar70117.855.655.04
Persistent Systems Computers - Software3814821.8039.455.04
Deepak Fertilisers Fertilisers55348.8519.005.76
Sun Pharma Advanced Miscellaneous22251458.0025.705.94
Central Bank Finance - Banks - ...605869.403.905.95
Tata Steel Steel10587677.7540.206.31
Rossell India Plantations - Tea ...18107.956.606.51
Radha Madhav Corpora Packaging - Metali...3351828.801.957.26
Jindal Drilling Oil Drilling And E...2326170.5512.758.08
Shekhawati Poly Yarn Textiles - Process...4979500.650.058.33
Sunflag Iron Steel - Rolling7516594.007.458.61
SKM Egg Produc Food Processing - ...349387.606.958.62
Fortis Healthcare Hospitals & Medica...19351159.9513.659.33
Ashima Ltd. Textiles - Spinnin...135030.752.8510.22
TCI Finance Finance & Investments251031.153.1511.25
Cupid Ltd. Contraceptives2787301.9035.7013.41
MPS Infotecnics Computers - Software99770010.250.0525.00

FMC unique member code - MCX : MCX/TCM/CORP/1033 NCDEX MEMBER ID:00884 FMC unique member code - NCDEX : NCDEX/TCM/CORP/0854
DP ID No. : 12052700   DP Sebi Reg.No.IN-DP-CDSL-432-2007

ATTENTION INVESTORS "Prevent Unauthorised transactions in your account --> Update your mobile numbers/email IDs with us. Receive information of your transactions directly from Exchange on your mobile/email at the end of the day.......... Issued in the interest of investors". "Prevent Unauthorized Transactions in your demat account --> Update your Mobile Number with us. Receive alerts on your Registered Mobile for all debit and other important transactions in your demat account directly from CDSL on the same day.......... Issued in the interest of investors". "KYC is one time exercise while dealing in securities markets - once KYC is done through a SEBI registered intermediary (broker, DP, Mutual Fund etc.), you need not undergo the same process again when you approach another intermediary".

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