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Only Sellers

( As on May 23, 2019 4:00PM )

You can view the stocks which are listed in last three years where there are only sellers present but no buyers for the shares.
Company NameIndustryOffer Qty.(Nos.)Last Price ( ₹ )Change ( ₹ )Change(%)
NEL Holdings Construction & Con...57302.95-0.60-16.90
P&G Health Pharmaceuticals5283944.85-458.90-10.42
Gammon Infrastructur Infrastructure - G...5419040.45-0.05-10.00
AVT Natural Prod Edible Oils & Solv...286121.55-2.35-9.83
Rana Sugars Sugar76963.05-0.30-8.96
ITD Cementation Indi Construction & Con...131112.35-10.45-8.51
Indo Tech Transforme Power - Transmissi...20096.45-8.40-8.01
Tera Software IT Consulting & So...30040.20-3.00-6.94
RKEC Projects Construction & Con...100058.50-4.30-6.85
Sunil Hitech Enginee Project Consultanc...297510.75-0.05-6.25
Optiemus Infracom Telecom Equipment930107.25-6.65-5.84
Reliance Infrastruct Power - Generation...23114.45-6.90-5.69
Vedanta Mining/Minerals19583157.35-8.95-5.38
Ashiana Housing Ltd. Construction & Con...3443107.00-6.05-5.35
Edelweiss Fin. Ser Finance & Investments1424172.75-9.40-5.16
Cox & Kings Fin Finance & Investments8710415.25-0.80-4.98
Zenith Exports L Textiles - Synthet...16194.85-4.95-4.96
Global Vectra Helico Airlines10059.65-3.10-4.94
Central Bank Finance - Banks - ...247525.05-1.30-4.93
Sagardeep Alloys Metals - Non Ferro...121839.65-2.05-4.92
MRO-TEK Realty Telecom Equipment294832.30-1.65-4.86
RM Drip and Sprinkle Micro Irrigation S...200026.55-1.35-4.84
Transwarranty Financ Finance & Investments10007.90-0.40-4.82
Ess Dee Aluminium Lt Packaging & Contai...177210.20-0.50-4.67
IL&FS Investment Man Finance & Investments97994.10-0.20-4.65
Lasa Supergenerics Chemicals - Specia...13019.65-0.95-4.61
DQ Entertainment (In Entertainment & Media1865.20-0.25-4.59
Shirpur Gold Refiner Mining/Minerals303712.70-0.60-4.51
Rane (Madras) Auto Ancl - Dr. Tr...73353.60-16.45-4.45
Gateway Distriparks Logistics - Wareho...1273129.40-5.95-4.40
GeeCee Ventures Construction & Con...17117.50-5.30-4.32
Eicher Motors Auto - LCVs/HCVs2420321.15-903.50-4.26
Indian Card Clot Engineering - Heavy277118.50-5.25-4.24
Reliance Naval Ship - Docks/Break...1458.00-0.35-4.19
C & C Constructions Construction & Con...37.05-0.30-4.08
Soma Textiles Textiles - Composi...6003.55-0.15-4.05
Rolta India IT Consulting & So...20907.25-0.30-3.97
Cosmo Films Packaging & Contai...131199.65-7.95-3.83
Hindustan Media Vent Printing/Publishin...1104.35-4.15-3.82
Wonderla Holidays Lt Travel Agen. / Tou...1485289.05-11.40-3.79
Sumeet Industrie Textiles - Manmade...603.85-0.15-3.75
Visaka Indus. Cement Products285341.90-13.20-3.72
Unitech Ltd. Construction & Con...5647251.30-0.05-3.70
Magadh Sugar & Energ Sugar15139.15-5.35-3.70
Aksh Optifibre Cables - Telecom237816.95-0.65-3.69
Jaiprakash Power Ven Power - Generation...6293712.65-0.10-3.64
Energy Developme Power - Generation...4006.65-0.25-3.62
Arvind Ltd. Textiles - Denim1377674.90-2.80-3.60
Suzlon Energy Ltd. Engineering - Heavy1439795.40-0.20-3.57
Jagran Prakashan Printing/Publishin...900107.60-3.95-3.54
Sanghvi Forging & En Forgings3021.10-0.75-3.43
Cera Sanitaryware L Ceramics/Tiles/San...312818.80-99.90-3.42
Andhra Cement Cement4294.30-0.15-3.37
Paisalo Digital L Finance & Investments1394390.60-13.45-3.33
Asahi Songwon Colors Dyes & Pigments100143.50-4.70-3.17
Hindalco Indus. Aluminium4214191.75-6.25-3.16
Alkali Metals Ltd. Chemicals - Specia...7449.80-1.60-3.11
Pfizer Ltd. Pharmaceuticals3713099.40-99.25-3.10
Munjal Auto Industr. Auto Ancl - Others306547.60-1.50-3.05
Gujarat Pipavav Port Ship - Docks/Break...2085.95-2.70-3.05
Indosolar Ltd. Non Conventional E...16001.60-0.05-3.03
KPR Mill Ltd. Textiles - Spinnin...318604.90-18.90-3.03
Malu Paper Mills Paper & Paper Prod...22126.05-0.80-2.98
Thomas Cook (I) Travel Agen. / Tou...8669231.35-7.10-2.98
Rico Auto Inds. Auto Ancl - Dr. Tr...263.60-1.90-2.90
Rane Engine Valve Lt Auto Ancl - Engine...142477.45-14.25-2.90
Sangam India Ltd Textiles - Spinnin...10054.55-1.60-2.85
Jamna Auto Inds. Auto Ancl - Susp. ...136155.40-1.60-2.81
Landmark Property De Construction & Con...6003.50-0.10-2.78
Jaypee Infratech Ltd Construction & Con...1107751.75-0.05-2.78
Panacea Biotec L Pharmaceuticals208192.65-5.50-2.78
Shalimar Paints Paints/Varnishes20075.85-2.15-2.76
Future Consumer Food Processing - ...423040.85-1.15-2.74
Gabriel India Auto Ancl - Shock ...157129.70-3.65-2.74
S P Apparels Ltd. Textiles - Readyma...300299.45-8.35-2.71
63 Moons Technologie IT Consulting & So...463136.85-3.80-2.70
Nitco Ltd. Ceramics/Tiles/San...334.25-0.95-2.70
Vivimed Labs Pharmaceuticals175421.70-0.60-2.69
Globus Spirits Ltd. Beverages & Distil...380136.25-3.75-2.68
United Breweries Ltd Beverages & Distil...681386.95-38.15-2.68
Subros Ltd. Auto Ancl - Equipm...6253.10-6.90-2.65
Pennar Industrie Steel - CR/HR Strips143433.25-0.90-2.64
Amber Enterprises Air Conditioners57715.25-19.25-2.62
AdlabsEntertainment Entertainment & Media107.45-0.20-2.61
GP Petroleums Oil Drilling And E...46259.90-1.60-2.60
Century Enka Textiles - Manmade...5220.20-5.85-2.59
GTN Industries Textiles - Spinnin...209.55-0.25-2.55
Vardhman Special St Steel - General26690.00-2.35-2.54
Cineline India Entertainment & Media50042.25-1.10-2.54
Guj. Sidhee Ceme Cement302921.20-0.55-2.53
Sterling Tools L Fasteners593214.70-5.45-2.48
Cubex Tubings Lt Metals - Non Ferro...10011.95-0.30-2.45
Palash Securities Finance & Investments10040.00-1.00-2.44
Ganesh Housing Construction & Con...5056.65-1.40-2.41
Kaveri Seed Company Seeds/Tissue Cultu...386466.05-11.50-2.41
Triveni Turbine Electric Equipment...110107.65-2.65-2.40
National Alumini Aluminium37348.75-1.20-2.40
Ganesha Ecosphere Textiles - Process...911288.20-6.70-2.27
Orient Bell Ceramics/Tiles/San...419151.20-3.50-2.26
Central Depository Services - Others2537217.50-5.00-2.25
VIP Indus. Plastics - Plastic...287437.95-10.05-2.24
PC Jeweller L Diamond Cutting/Pr...14714103.75-2.35-2.21
JK Lakshmi Cement L Cement4572362.35-8.10-2.19
Rollatainers Ltd Packaging & Contai...9882.25-0.05-2.17
Kolte-Patil Develope Construction & Con...39222.85-4.95-2.17
Bliss GVS Pharma Pharmaceuticals2745164.30-3.60-2.14
Relaxo Footwears Leather/Synthetic ...14798.75-17.25-2.11
HEG Ltd. Electrodes - Graphite901625.65-34.80-2.10
Mastek Li IT Consulting & So...561468.05-9.95-2.08
Bajaj Finance L Finance & Investments423377.75-71.15-2.06
Shankara Building Pr Trading57513.95-10.75-2.05
Tata Steel BSL Steel - CR/HR Strips1092329.20-0.60-2.01
Max Ventures and Ind Finance & Investments55144.30-0.90-1.99
TTK Prestige L Domestic Appliances87208.20-144.90-1.97
Inox Leisure Entertainment & Media1110323.55-6.50-1.97
Arrow Textiles Ltd. Textiles - General47917.45-0.35-1.97
TV Today Network Ltd Entertainment & Media2259.50-5.15-1.95
CG Power and Indust Electric Equipment...1076038.15-0.75-1.93
Delta Magnets Ltd. Electronics - Equi...19564.70-1.25-1.90
Sunflag Iron Steel - Rolling70739.20-0.75-1.88
VRL Logistics Ltd. Logistics - Wareho...1830258.75-4.90-1.86
Sun Pharma Advanced Miscellaneous335143.35-2.70-1.85
Shalby Hospitals & Medica...27125.55-2.35-1.84
Centrum Capital Finance & Investments500229.55-0.55-1.83
Nava Bharat Ventures Diversified11645102.80-1.90-1.81
Sanwaria Consumer Edible Oils & Solv...3028.15-0.15-1.81
Remsons Industri Auto Ancl - Susp. ...13182.00-1.50-1.80
Supreme Infrastructu Construction & Con...138819.50-0.35-1.76
Tata Steel Steel15812464.70-8.30-1.75
Dr. Lal Pathlabs Ltd Hospitals & Medica...101028.90-18.10-1.73
Vimta Labs Ltd. Hospitals & Medica...474196.25-3.45-1.73
Shilpa Medicare L Pharmaceuticals2375.00-6.55-1.72
The Andhra Sugars Diversified18358.40-6.15-1.69
Titan Company Watches1541220.25-20.85-1.68
Greenply Industr Decoratives - Wood...152147.10-2.50-1.67
Cholamandalam Financ Finance & Investments361506.40-8.60-1.67
Websol Energy System Electric Equipment...2523.60-0.40-1.67
Easun Reyrolle L Electric Equipment...1595.95-0.10-1.65
Amrutanjan Health Ca Pharmaceuticals18283.65-4.75-1.65
HIL Cement Products41808.05-30.10-1.64
Ajanta Pharma Lt Pharmaceuticals1261008.90-16.75-1.63
Triveni Eng.&Ind.Ltd Sugar352866.70-1.10-1.62
Punjab Chemicals and Agro Chemicals/Pes...128660.70-10.80-1.61
Metropolis Healthcar Hospitals & Medica...600940.45-15.10-1.58
Orient Refractories Refractories1227.40-3.65-1.58
Chambal Fertilis Fertilisers3108162.60-2.60-1.57
Trent Ltd. Retail - Apparel/A...46376.55-5.90-1.54
Zydus Wellness Ltd. Personal Care301268.80-19.60-1.52
Saregama India Ltd. Entertainment & Media604534.35-8.25-1.52
Jain Irrigation Micro Irrigation S...557051.85-0.80-1.52
Garden Silk Mill Textiles - Weaving2616.85-0.25-1.46
Aavas Financiers Finance - Housing511449.30-21.15-1.44
Surana Solar Electric Equipment...8466.90-0.10-1.43
KIOCL Mining/Minerals115128.35-1.85-1.42
SPL Industries L Textiles - Readyma...30042.00-0.60-1.41
IDFC First Bank Finance - Banks - ...1540442.05-0.60-1.41
Bata India Leather/Synthetic ...131365.50-19.35-1.40
Emami Realty Construction & Con...2796.00-1.35-1.39
Hind. Composites Auto Ancl - Dr. Tr...23200.00-2.80-1.38
Mahamaya Steel Indus Steel - CR/HR Strips19176.75-2.45-1.37
La Opala RG Ltd. Glass & Glass Prod...881197.05-2.70-1.35
Glenmark Pharma Pharmaceuticals719562.35-7.70-1.35
SRF Ltd. Textiles - Manmade...1872892.65-39.30-1.34
JBF Industries Textiles - Manmade...86718.50-0.25-1.33
Sequent Scientific Pharmaceuticals44667.25-0.90-1.32
Jet Airways Airlines24808155.45-2.05-1.30
Polycab India Cables - Power/Others712601.90-7.85-1.29
JSW Energy Ltd. Power - Generation...16766.10-0.85-1.27
Minda Industries Auto Ancl - Electr...12346.90-4.45-1.27
Sakar Healthcare Hospitals & Medica...255.60-0.70-1.24
Asian Hotels (West) Hotels, Resorts & ...215339.70-4.20-1.22
Geojit Financial Finance & Investments25237.65-0.45-1.18
Uniply Industries Decoratives - Wood...295138.15-0.45-1.17
Sun TV Network Ltd. Entertainment & Media130547.85-6.45-1.16
Mahindra Logistics L Logistics - Wareho...86485.40-5.65-1.15
Maithan Alloys Ltd. Ferro Alloys2554.80-6.40-1.14
Cerebra Integrat IT Networking Equi...668326.65-0.30-1.11
V Mart Retail Retail - Departmen...82259.80-25.40-1.11
Bharat Forge Forgings989460.30-5.10-1.10
Xchanging Solutions IT Consulting & So...22545.25-0.50-1.09
Ceat Ltd. Tyres & Tubes87982.75-10.80-1.09
Ipca Laboratorie Pharmaceuticals17914.50-9.95-1.08
Kothari Petroche Diversified19518.65-0.20-1.06
Technofab Engineerin Project Consultanc...4151.45-0.55-1.06
Info Edge (India) Miscellaneous221903.50-20.30-1.06
Rupa & Company L Textiles - Hosiery...176279.70-2.90-1.03
Sundaram Fasten. Auto Ancl - Engine...852515.05-5.30-1.02
MEP Infrastructure Infrastructure - G...293834.50-0.35-1.00
Madhav Marbles & Gra Granites/Marbles30039.55-0.40-1.00
ICICI Securities Finance & Investments9197.95-2.00-1.00
Orchid Pharma Pharmaceuticals3004.95-0.05-1.00
Pidilite Inds. Chemicals - Specia...2541199.60-12.00-0.99
Tata Chemicals Chemicals - Inorga...301616.35-6.15-0.99
Berger Paints I Paints/Varnishes5307.45-3.05-0.98
Honeywell Automation Instrumentation & ...623906.70-236.15-0.98
DCB Bank Finance - Banks - ...251228.00-2.25-0.98
Responsive Industrie Plastics - Plastic...5187.55-0.85-0.96
Swan Energy Ltd. Textiles - General51105.10-1.00-0.94
KDDL Ltd. Watches82417.30-3.95-0.94
Menon Bearings L Bearings1575.65-0.70-0.92
Talbros Auto. Auto Ancl - Engine...10178.45-1.65-0.92
Tata Metaliks Steel - Pig Iron125598.55-5.50-0.91
MOIL Ltd. Mining/Minerals17153.35-1.40-0.90
Mangalore Chem. Fertilisers138.50-0.35-0.90
Marksans Pharma Pharmaceuticals191922.50-0.20-0.88
Adhunik Industries Steel1873.75-0.65-0.87
Oil Country Tub. Steel - Tubes/Pipes14411.40-0.10-0.87
Sanofi India Pharmaceuticals45480.85-47.40-0.86
Johnson Controls-Hit Air Conditioners11790.30-15.40-0.85
Marico Ltd. Personal Care74360.75-3.10-0.85
Hindustan Unilever L Personal Care2751753.85-14.45-0.82
Guj. Mineral Dev Mining/Minerals35473.15-0.60-0.81
Voltamp Transformers Power - Transmissi...251012.85-8.25-0.81
Bhartiya Interna Leather/Synthetic ...101231.95-1.85-0.79
Varroc Engineering Auto Ancl - Equipm...105481.55-3.80-0.78
Dr. Reddy's Labs Pharmaceuticals2942637.30-20.45-0.77
Prime Securities Finance & Investments339.95-0.30-0.75
V2 Retail Retail - Apparel/A...110207.25-1.55-0.74
Hind. Zinc Metals - Non Ferro...204248.60-1.85-0.74
Steel Strips Wheels Auto Ancl - Dr. Tr...133793.60-5.80-0.73
Prestige Estates Pro Construction & Con...161260.65-1.90-0.72
Oriental Bank of Finance - Banks - ...1387696.10-0.70-0.72
MSTC Ltd. Trading22596.90-0.70-0.72
Grindwell Norton Abrasives And Grin...25596.95-4.30-0.72
Bharat Rasayan Agro Chemicals/Pes...104139.40-29.75-0.71
LG Balakrishnan&Bros Auto Ancl - Others1356.55-2.50-0.70
Guj. Fluorochemi Chemicals - Organi...111006.80-7.05-0.70
Cybertech System IT Consulting & So...18443.00-0.30-0.69
NHPC Power - Generation...2438922.80-0.15-0.65
Oriental Hotels Hotels, Resorts & ...30040.00-0.25-0.62
VLS Finance L Finance & Investments68956.20-0.35-0.62
GlaxoSmithKline Phar Pharmaceuticals2861271.00-7.90-0.62
Mayur Uniquoters Plastics - Plastic...500298.75-1.85-0.62
Control Print Ltd. Computers - Access...71250.75-1.55-0.61
Jubilant Life Scienc Pharmaceuticals337517.10-3.15-0.61
Smartlink Holdings Finance & Investments883.50-0.50-0.60
Firstsource Solution IT Enabled Services5050.50-0.30-0.59
Chennai Petro. Refineries288208.95-1.20-0.57
5Paisa Capital Finance & Investments500326.80-1.85-0.56
Electrosteel Cas Castings/Foundry25117.75-0.10-0.56
Alkem Laboratories Pharmaceuticals251681.95-9.40-0.56
IDFC L Finance - Term Len...1474035.95-0.20-0.55
Varun Beverages Ltd. Non-Alcoholic Beve...5927.30-5.00-0.54
Havells India Electric Equipment...714751.50-4.05-0.54
CESC Ventures IT Enabled Services706479.40-2.55-0.53
Hind. Oil Explor Oil Drilling And E...2030123.95-0.65-0.52
Coromandel Internati Fertilisers21404.75-2.05-0.50
Srikalahasthi Pipes Steel - Pig Iron98178.10-0.90-0.50
Uflex Ltd. Packaging & Contai...628229.00-1.15-0.50
V-Guard Ind.Ltd. Electric Equipment...126206.35-1.00-0.48
TCI Ltd. Transport - Road190290.50-1.40-0.48
Torrent Pharmac Pharmaceuticals501552.20-7.30-0.47
Muthoot Capital Finance & Investments30748.05-3.25-0.43
P&G Hygiene&Health Personal Care910713.85-45.95-0.43
Aditya Birla Money L Finance & Investments15346.85-0.20-0.43
Patel Engg. Ltd. Construction & Con...8524.45-0.10-0.41
Kesar Terminals & In Infrastructure - G...48849.10-0.20-0.41
Nelcast Ltd. Castings/Foundry962.65-0.25-0.40
Tejas Networks Telecom Services382191.55-0.75-0.39
Magma Fincorp Ltd. Finance & Investments100130.00-0.50-0.38
Vascon Engineers Ltd Construction & Con...1961013.60-0.05-0.37
Gallantt Ispat Ltd. Steel10841.05-0.15-0.36
JSW Steel Steel3240275.95-1.00-0.36
Tata Sponge Iron Steel - Sponge Iron103699.50-2.50-0.36
GE T&D India Power - Transmissi...325262.80-0.90-0.34
Capri Global Capital Finance & Investments604188.50-0.60-0.32
Bharat Road Network Construction & Con...296.60-0.30-0.31
Nectar Lifesciences Pharmaceuticals3516.15-0.05-0.31
Tata Power Co. Power - Generation...426364.60-0.20-0.31
Gujarat Narmada Vall Fertilisers569293.80-0.85-0.29
PI Industries Agro Chemicals/Pes...17601124.25-3.10-0.27
Dhanlaxmi Bank Finance - Banks - ...68518.50-0.05-0.27
Rajesh Exports L Diamond Cutting/Pr...16657.30-1.75-0.27
Mas Financial Servic Finance & Investments200532.90-1.40-0.26
ADF Foods Ltd. Food Processing - ...220257.25-0.65-0.25
Karur Vysya Bank Finance - Banks - ...67579.90-0.20-0.25
Advani Hotels Hotels, Resorts & ...760.20-0.15-0.25
Lumax Inds. Auto Ancl - Equipm...391352.45-3.30-0.24
UPL Agro Chemicals/Pes...2301012.20-2.45-0.24
Reliance Home Fin Finance - Housing22720.80-0.05-0.24
Persistent Systems IT Consulting & So...130604.10-1.40-0.23
Birlasoft IT Consulting & So...32986.40-0.20-0.23
Oracle Financial Ser IT Consulting & So...563407.15-7.85-0.23
Jindal St & Pwr Steel - Sponge Iron57164152.05-0.35-0.23
S Chand & Company Education - Coachi...27132.40-0.30-0.23
Eros International M Entertainment & Media632668.90-0.15-0.22
MindTree Ltd. IT Consulting & So...411979.85-2.05-0.21
ICICI Lombard Gen. Finance - Non Life...133991133.20-2.35-0.21
NIIT Technologies IT Consulting & So...4171281.75-2.25-0.18
Omaxe Ltd. Construction & Con...2175203.60-0.35-0.17
Mahi. & Mahi Auto - Cars & Jeeps695639.50-1.05-0.16
Bajaj Electricals Domestic Appliances36549.80-0.90-0.16
Carborundum Uni. Abrasives And Grin...121353.40-0.55-0.16
Expleo Solutions IT Consulting & So...28427.35-0.65-0.15
Astron Paper & Board Paper & Paper Prod...20105.05-0.15-0.14
Centum Electronics L Electronics - Equi...1470.20-0.65-0.14
Adani Power Ltd. Power - Generation...13110946.65-0.05-0.11
GSFC Fertilisers314197.90-0.10-0.10
CARE Ratings Services - Others9973.80-0.85-0.09
Jash Engineering Engineering - General1200115.95-0.10-0.09
Fortis Healthcare Hospitals & Medica...686125.85-0.10-0.08
Garware Tech. Fibres Textiles - General21067.70-0.80-0.07
Dabur India Personal Care2010385.45-0.20-0.05
Asian Paints Ltd. Paints/Varnishes7211367.75-0.70-0.05
Sonata Software IT Consulting & So...4334.95-0.15-0.04
Cadila Healthcar Pharmaceuticals2146250.30-0.05-0.02
JVL Agro Industries Edible Oils & Solv...200001.650.000.00
Prabhat Dairy Food Processing - ...867.350.000.00
Shree Renuka Sugars Sugar1774410.300.000.00
W S Industries Electric Equipment...22330.900.000.00
Kirloskar Elect Electric Equipment...12515.000.000.00
GTL Infrastructure Telecom Equipment7804610.800.000.00
Take Solutions Ltd. IT Consulting & So...221140.100.000.00
Excel Realty N Infra Construction & Con...3040.950.000.00
KSK Energy Ventures Power - Generation...499951.000.000.00
Uttam Value Steels Steel - CR/HR Strips3000000.100.000.00
Raj Rayon Industries Textiles - Process...10465000.100.000.00
BSEL Infra. Realty Construction & Con...30001.800.000.00
Antarctica Ltd. Printing/Publishin...25000.800.000.00
Solar Industries Ind Industrial Explosives101132.950.050.00
Supreme Inds. Plastics - Plastic...71038.450.050.00
Satin Creditcare Finance & Investments90322.100.050.02
Va Tech Wabag Ltd. Engineering - General162301.750.050.02
Osia Hyper Retail Retail - Departmen...400280.050.050.02
BayerCropscience Agro Chemicals/Pes...254078.000.850.02
WABCO India Auto Ancl - Susp. ...16207.201.500.02
Castrol India Lubricants1723144.750.050.03
Praxis Home Retail L Retail - Departmen...43138.850.050.04
Coffee Day Enterpris Hotels, Resorts & ...553250.800.100.04
Dhunseri Tea & Indus Plantations - Tea ...307211.350.150.07
Elgi Equipments Compressors341262.350.200.08
TeamLease Service Services - Others402838.052.300.08
TCI Developers Ltd. Construction & Con...41351.050.300.09
Hisar Metal Indu Steel - General7852.800.050.09
Sarda Energy & Miner Steel - Sponge Iron568265.050.300.11
Tamilnadu Petroprod Detergents48037.150.050.13
Dhanuka Agritech Ltd Agro Chemicals/Pes...252359.300.500.14
India Tourism De Hotels, Resorts & ...261245.050.350.14
Phoenix Mills Construction & Con...977619.151.000.16
Bal Pharma Ltd Pharmaceuticals4461.150.100.16
Colgate Palm. Personal Care301153.301.900.17
Maan Aluminium Ltd. Aluminium5385.750.150.18
Nesco Ltd. Diversified94480.800.850.18
Setco Automotive Auto Ancl - Dr. Tr...167126.250.050.19
NTPC Power - Generation...3126129.850.250.19
BASF India Lt Chemicals - Organi...71315.252.550.19
Religare Enterprises Finance & Investments43025.300.050.20
Strides Pharma Scien Pharmaceuticals498415.100.850.21
Hinduja Global Solut IT Enabled Services151626.301.300.21
Lumax Auto Technolog Auto Ancl - Others4113.950.250.22
Repco Home Finance L Finance - Housing198419.300.950.23
Windsor Machines Engineering - Heavy3464.450.150.23
Filatex India Textiles - Manmade...132242.000.100.24
GujaratStatePetronet Petrochem - Others160188.700.450.24
Jindal Saw Steel - Tubes/Pipes9682.400.200.24
Indraprastha Gas Ltd Industrial Gases880306.350.750.25
Tide Water Oil Lubricants14860.0512.250.25
Sobha Construction & Con...4506.701.300.26
DIC India Printing/Publishin...1329.950.850.26
Muthoot Finance Finance & Investments182620.301.600.26
Mirc Electronics Consumer - Electro...918.250.050.27
Ruby Mills Textiles - Composi...5244.850.700.29
AIA Engineering Castings/Foundry11723.904.950.29
Chalet Hotels L Hotels, Resorts & ...1338.201.000.30
Entertainment Networ Entertainment & Media42466.801.400.30
Kotak Mahindra Bank Finance - Banks - ...511499.754.500.30
SMVD Poly Pack Packaging & Contai...200016.600.050.30
PNB Gilts Ltd. Finance & Investments451532.950.100.30
Avenue Supermarts Retail - Departmen...1391303.154.000.31
GAIL (India) Ltd. Oil Drilling And E...718337.951.050.31
Manappuram Finance Finance & Investments26127.900.400.31
IFB Industries Domestic Appliances1796.952.850.36
Trigyn Technolog IT Consulting & So...269.300.250.36
Ginni Filaments Textiles - Spinnin...119212.950.050.39
Gayatri Projects Construction & Con...7168.600.700.42
Maruti Suzuki India Auto - Cars & Jeeps17576929.2529.450.43
Guj. Amb.Exports Edible Oils & Solv...10199.250.850.43
Ortin Laborator. Pharmaceuticals27811.100.050.45
IIFL Holdings Finance & Investments261426.401.950.46
Lux Industries Textiles - Readyma...81211.655.550.46
Jocil Ltd. Chemicals - Organi...297103.600.500.48
MphasiS Ltd. IT Consulting & So...218967.854.750.49
Kalyani Investment Finance & Investments111732.558.700.50
HCL Technologies IT Consulting & So...101066.405.400.51
Pitti Engineering Engineering - General6648.550.250.52
Reliance Ind.Inf Project Consultanc...360321.051.700.53
Wheels India Ltd. Auto Ancl - Dr. Tr...17854.454.550.54
Exide Inds. Auto Ancl - Batteries2298210.101.150.55
UFO Moviez India Ltd Entertainment & Media217249.151.400.57
Just Dial Services - Others894746.954.200.57
Bajaj Auto Ltd. Auto - 2 & 3 Wheelers2393065.0017.800.58
Music Broadcast Entertainment & Media10058.350.350.60
Godrej Properties Lt Construction & Con...1248846.755.450.65
Deep Industries Oil Drilling And E...9137.000.950.70
Phillips Carbon Carbon Black17135.500.950.71
HOV Services Ltd. IT Enabled Services3126.950.900.71
Garden Reach Ship Ship - Docks/Break...323117.900.900.77
Ujjivan Financial Finance & Investments399332.552.550.77
Shriram City Uni Finance & Investments51463.7511.350.78
UltraTech Cement Cement1434683.9536.600.79
Esab India Welding Equipments501036.358.150.79
Emkay Global Financi Finance & Investments1386.300.700.82
DB Corp Printing/Publishin...104198.351.650.84
Mahindra Lifespace D Construction & Con...4382.853.200.84
SKF India Bearings401854.4015.800.86
CESC Ltd. Power - Generation...119726.556.300.87
Security and Intelli Services - Others4907.857.950.88
Thyrocare Tech. Hospitals & Medica...143442.303.900.89
Equitas Holdings Ltd Finance & Investments2568134.401.200.90
Oil India Ltd. Oil Drilling And E...332184.001.650.90
Ambuja Cements Ltd. Cement1774222.552.000.91
Bajaj Consumer Care Personal Care100340.403.100.92
GIC Housing Fi Finance - Housing396261.152.400.93
RS Software (India) IT Consulting & So...19927.000.250.93
Crompton Greaves Con Electric Equipment...74221.052.050.94
Amara Raja Batt. Auto Ancl - Batteries60621.905.800.94
Kohinoor Foods Ltd. Commodities - Trad...7526.300.250.96
Rashtriya Chemicals Fertilisers857.200.550.97
Sanghvi Movers L Engineering - Heavy76118.701.150.98
Dharani Sugars Sugar25410.300.100.98
Career Point Education - Coachi...4571.600.700.99
Himadri Speciality Chemicals - Specia...49719101.251.001.00
Kajaria Ceramics Ceramics/Tiles/San...457615.806.151.01
Godrej Agrovet L Food Processing - ...315489.054.951.02
Apollo Micro Systems Electronics - Equi...550130.001.351.05
RPP Infra Projects L Construction & Con...77132.151.401.07
Bajaj Holdings & Inv Finance & Investments13325.0035.301.07
RBL Bank Finance - Banks - ...762674.057.201.08
Heritage Foods Food Processing - ...251480.705.151.08
D B Realty Ltd. Construction & Con...383413.850.151.09
Universal Cables Cables - Power/Others201207.602.251.10
Cyient Ltd. IT Consulting & So...595555.706.051.10
SAL Steel Steel1904.550.051.11
Tourism Finance Finance - Term Len...68113.101.251.12
Autolite (I) Auto Ancl - Equipm...8831.600.351.12
Ashok Leyland Auto - LCVs/HCVs1444488.851.001.14
Aurobindo Pharma Pharmaceuticals508672.157.601.14
Galaxy Surfacta. Chemicals - Specia...101070.5512.201.15
Great Eastern Shipping6254.002.951.18
M M Forgings Ltd. Forgings25483.055.651.18
KM Sugar Mills Sugar15498.450.101.20
DFM Foods Limi Food Processing - ...20260.253.101.21
Indian Energy Exchan Exchanges1145.951.751.21
3M India Ltd. Diversified123122.85296.101.30
Max Financial Servic Finance & Investments790413.755.351.31
Siemens Ltd. Instrumentation & ...1211184.8015.801.35
Welspun India Textiles - Terry T...4255.000.751.38
Kesoram Industri Diversified1865.750.901.39
Omax Auto Auto Ancl - Others1062169.350.951.39
Au Small Finance Ban Finance & Investments8696.859.551.39
J B Chemicals & Phar Pharmaceuticals601370.005.101.40
Power Grid Corpo Power - Transmissi...6581184.652.551.40
Genus Paper & Boards Paper & Paper Prod...3007.200.101.41
Oswal Agro Mills Finance & Investments9627.100.101.43
KEC International Lt Power - Transmissi...666289.854.151.45
CCL Products India Plantations - Tea ...28268.453.901.47
Torrent Power Ltd. Power - Generation...3103244.103.601.50
Sharda Cropchem Agro Chemicals/Pes...100358.505.301.50
Century Textiles Diversified3549991.5014.701.50
Karda Constructions Construction & Con...1185.802.801.53
Bharat Electroni Electronics - Equi...4129102.651.551.53
Donear Industrie Textiles - Weaving9738.400.601.59
Williamson Magor Finance & Investments23525.500.401.59
Ruchira Papers Ltd. Paper & Paper Prod...193.551.501.63
Beardsell Ltd. Diversified3015.550.251.63
Bharti Infratel Ltd. Infrastructure - G...8214273.854.501.67
Ashoka Buildcon Ltd. Construction & Con...5214121.702.001.67
Kansai Nerolac Paint Paints/Varnishes962424.757.001.68
India Glycols Chemicals - Organi...1247.704.101.68
NMDC Ltd. Mining/Minerals547896.251.601.69
Endurance Technologi Auto Ancl - Others3041170.1019.501.69
Jyothy Laboratories Personal Care908166.003.051.87
Automotive Stampings Auto Ancl - Others548.450.901.89
Everest Kanto Cylind Packaging & Contai...56726.300.501.94
Mangalam Drugs Pharmaceuticals8644.300.851.96
HDFC Life Insurance Finance - Life Ins...262406.308.202.06
Neogen Chemicals Chemicals - Specia...106289.055.852.07
FIEM Industries Auto Ancl - Equipm...557443.659.102.09
Hi-Tech Pipes Ltd. Steel - Tubes/Pipes595300.906.252.12
RattanIndia Power Power - Generation...155022.350.052.17
Indian Bank Finance - Banks - ...205253.305.552.24
Welspun Corp Steel - Tubes/Pipes2887139.203.102.28
HDFC AMC Finance & Investments1571743.4039.802.34
3P Land Holdings Construction & Con...54210.900.252.35
JMC Projects Construction & Con...856118.752.802.41
Aegis Logistics Ltd. Logistics - Wareho...742210.105.002.44
Thermax Engineering - General1018988.4524.202.51
Inox Wind Ltd. Engineering - Heavy52262.801.602.61
Mangalam Cement Cement3260.906.652.62
JK Cement Cement1989.9525.502.64
Future Market Net Construction & Con...20040.401.052.67
Texmaco Infrastructu Construction & Con...9053.751.402.67
Zodiac JRD MKJ L Diamond Cutting/Pr...14135.700.952.73
City Union Bank Finance - Banks - ...11741214.705.752.75
Anjani Portland Cement181147.454.002.79
Lambodhara Texti Textiles - Spinnin...21045.251.252.84
GMR Infrastructure L Infrastructure - G...2282215.850.452.92
Indostar Capital Fin Finance & Investments181359.9510.252.93
PSP Projects Construction & Con...363466.6013.352.95
Shree Cement Cement3720817.80610.303.02
Simbhaoli Sugars Sugar6210.200.303.03
Inventure Growth & S Finance & Investments10013.500.403.05
Mindteck (India) IT Consulting & So...8735.251.053.07
OM Metals Infraproje Project Consultanc...110127.900.853.14
GRUH Finance Li Finance - Housing1002329.7010.353.24
Kabra Extrusion Engineering - Heavy5073.052.303.25
Vipul Ltd. Construction & Con...4049.451.703.56
Marine Electricals Electric Equipment...2000101.503.503.57
Schaeffler India Bearings135051.10179.403.68
Cantabil Retail Indi Textiles - Readyma...141219.957.953.75
Atlanta Ltd. Infrastructure - G...1415.000.553.81 Services - Others207690.0025.753.88
Action Construction Engineering - Heavy399.854.004.17
Jindal Worldwide Textiles - General119774.103.004.22
Sundaram Clayton Auto Ancl - Susp. ...92693.30109.304.23
Power Mech Projects Project Consultanc...51007.2541.404.29
Morepen Labs.Lt Pharmaceuticals12920.200.854.39
Lotus Eye Hospital Hospitals & Medica...25019.900.854.46
Asian Hotels (East) Hotels, Resorts & ...17222.359.504.46
Poddar Housing Construction & Con...1498.8023.704.99
KEI Industries Cables - Power/Others664468.4022.655.08
Vaibhav Global Ltd. Diamond Cutting/Pr...47670.6032.605.11
Manaksia Steels Steel40017.600.905.39
Bajaj HindusthanSuga Sugar204608.700.506.10
Reliance NipLifeAML Finance & Investments3229234.5016.357.49
Talwalkars Better Va Miscellaneous464150.003.657.87
IVRCL Construction & Con...401180.550.0510.00
Visagar Polytex Ltd. Textiles - Readyma...1450000.500.0511.11
BF Utilities Ltd. Power - Generation...22536207.3525.5014.02
Rushil Decor Ltd. Laminates1423685.35100.3017.14

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ATTENTION INVESTORS "Prevent Unauthorised transactions in your account --> Update your mobile numbers/email IDs with us. Receive information of your transactions directly from Exchange on your mobile/email at the end of the day.......... Issued in the interest of investors". "Prevent Unauthorized Transactions in your demat account --> Update your Mobile Number with us. Receive alerts on your Registered Mobile for all debit and other important transactions in your demat account directly from CDSL on the same day.......... Issued in the interest of investors". "KYC is one time exercise while dealing in securities markets - once KYC is done through a SEBI registered intermediary (broker, DP, Mutual Fund etc.), you need not undergo the same process again when you approach another intermediary".

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