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Dividend Details

You can view the list of companies which have declared dividend recently.
Company NameAnnc. DateDividend TypeDividend (%)Record DateBook Closure FromBook Closure ToEx. Dividend Date
KSB Pumps 22-02-2018Final 60.00--15-04-201825-04-201825-04-2018
Merck Ltd. 22-02-2018Final 150.00--------
Sanofi India 22-02-2018Final 530.00--01-05-201808-05-201808-05-2018
Power Finance Co 21-02-2018Interim 0.0007-03-2018------
Ambuja Cements Ltd. 20-02-2018Final 100.00--09-04-201813-04-201813-04-2018
Huhtamaki PPL 20-02-2018Final 150.00--------
Sundaram Clayton 20-02-2018Interim 0.0023-03-2018------
HUDCO 19-02-2018Interim 0.0009-03-2018------
ONGC 19-02-2018Interim 0.0008-03-2018------
Shilpa Medicare L 19-02-2018Interim 70.0005-03-2018------
Vesuvius India 19-02-2018Interim 67.5003-04-2018------
Kama Holdings Ltd. 15-02-2018Interim 150.0005-03-2018------
Amrutanjan Health Ca 14-02-2018Interim 55.0023-02-2018------
Carborundum Uni. 14-02-2018Interim 100.0026-02-2018------
Centum Electronics L 14-02-2018Interim 10.0023-02-2018------
Crisil 14-02-2018Final 1,000.00--02-04-201803-04-201803-04-2018
Dhanuka Agritech Ltd 14-02-2018Interim 100.0026-02-2018------
Gilada Finance & 14-02-2018Interim 2.5006-03-2018------
Kushal L 14-02-2018Interim 5.0024-02-2018------
Mauria Udyog 14-02-2018Interim 5.0026-02-2018------
Minda Corporation 14-02-2018Interim 12.5023-02-2018------
Minda Industries 14-02-2018Interim 60.0023-02-2018------
Nestle India 14-02-2018Final 230.00--18-05-201819-05-201819-05-2018
OM Metals Infraproje 14-02-2018Interim 35.0028-02-2018------
Sterling Tools L 14-02-2018Interim 0.00--------
Vidhi Specialty Food 14-02-2018Interim 20.0028-02-2018------
Alankit 12-02-2018Interim 20.0022-02-2018------
Harita Seating Syst. 12-02-2018Interim 40.0015-02-2018------
Linde India 12-02-2018Final 10.00--10-04-201816-04-201816-04-2018
Mayur Uniquoters 12-02-2018Interim 8.0003-03-2018------
NBCC (India) 12-02-2018Interim 0.0016-03-2018------
Nile 12-02-2018Interim 20.0023-02-2018------
Precision Wires 12-02-2018Interim 40.0023-02-2018------
Sandesh 12-02-2018Interim 50.0023-02-2018------
Suprajit Enginee 12-02-2018Interim 60.0023-02-2018------
Tube Investments 12-02-2018Interim 125.0023-02-2018------
TVS Motor Co. Ltd. 12-02-2018Interim 0.0007-03-2018------
ABB India 09-02-2018Final 220.00--03-05-201809-05-201809-05-2018
Ashapura Intimates F 09-02-2018Interim 5.0022-02-2018------
Bharat Petroleum 09-02-2018Interim 140.0024-02-2018------
Florence Investech 09-02-2018Interim 300.0022-02-2018------
GPT Infraprojects 09-02-2018Interim 10.0021-02-2018------
Hinduja Global Solut 09-02-2018Interim 25.0023-02-2018------
Hind. Petrol 09-02-2018Interim 145.0001-03-2018------
NCL Industries 09-02-2018Interim 10.0022-02-2018------
Nicco Parks & Re 09-02-2018Interim 15.0023-02-2018------
Oil India Ltd. 09-02-2018Interim 140.0022-02-2018------
Rico Auto Inds. 09-02-2018Interim 40.0022-02-2018------
SJVN Ltd. 09-02-2018Interim 19.0022-02-2018------
ACC 08-02-2018Final 150.00--------
Granules India L 08-02-2018Interim 25.0021-02-2018------
Hikal Ltd. 08-02-2018Interim 35.0022-02-2018------
Indo Count Inds. 08-02-2018Interim 20.0023-02-2018------
Manappuram Finance 08-02-2018Interim 25.0021-02-2018------
Sudarshan Chem. 08-02-2018Interim 125.0023-02-2018------
Aurobindo Pharma 07-02-2018Interim 100.0021-02-2018------
Hexaware Technologie 07-02-2018Interim 50.0020-02-2018------
MOIL Ltd. 07-02-2018Interim 30.0020-02-2018------
Schaeffler India 07-02-2018Final 170.00--------
Castrol India 06-02-2018Interim 50.00--27-04-201803-05-201803-05-2018
Fineotex Chemical Lt 06-02-2018Interim 10.0022-02-2018------
Gulf Oil Lubricants 06-02-2018Interim 200.0020-02-2018------
HEG Ltd. 06-02-2018Interim 300.0019-02-2018------
Hero MotoCorp 06-02-2018Interim 2,750.0017-02-2018------
Infibeam Incorp 06-02-2018Interim 10.0027-02-2018------
Natco Pharma 06-02-2018Interim 350.0017-02-2018------
Rane Holdings Ltd. 06-02-2018Interim 55.0017-02-2018------
Rural Electrific 06-02-2018Interim 74.0019-02-2018------
Shanthi Gears 06-02-2018Interim 100.0019-02-2018------
Take Solutions Ltd. 06-02-2018Interim 30.0019-02-2018------
Wheels India Ltd. 06-02-2018Interim 60.0019-02-2018------
AVT Natural Prod 05-02-2018Interim 20.0016-02-2018------
Balkrishna Ind. 05-02-2018Interim 75.0022-02-2018------
Bharat Heavy Ele 05-02-2018Interim 40.0017-02-2018------
Savera Industries 05-02-2018Interim 12.0023-02-2018------
Sharda Motor Ind 05-02-2018Final 62.5021-02-2018------
Shivalik Bimetal 05-02-2018Interim 15.0021-02-2018------
Sun TV Network Ltd. 05-02-2018Interim 50.0020-02-2018------
Thyrocare Tech. 05-02-2018Interim 50.0016-02-2018------
TI Financial Holding 05-02-2018Interim 60.0019-02-2018------
Shriram Pistons 03-02-2018Interim 40.0015-02-2018------
Accelya Kale Solut 02-02-2018Interim 140.0015-02-2018------
BSE 02-02-2018Interim 250.0017-02-2018------
Graphite India Ltd. 02-02-2018Interim 250.0016-02-2018------
Modison Metals L 02-02-2018Interim 100.0016-02-2018------
P G Foils Ltd 02-02-2018Interim 12.0026-02-2018------
The Hi-Tech Gears 02-02-2018Interim 15.0016-02-2018------
Cummins India Lt 01-02-2018Interim 250.0016-02-2018------
Foseco India Lim 01-02-2018Interim 120.00--------
IRB Infrastructure 01-02-2018Interim 25.0016-02-2018------
MRF Ltd 01-02-2018Interim 30.0013-02-2018------
Orient Paper 01-02-2018Interim 40.0014-02-2018------
Alicon Castalloy 31-01-2018Interim 40.0012-02-2018------
Alkem Laboratories 31-01-2018Interim 300.0020-02-2018------
Bharat Electroni 31-01-2018Interim 160.0009-02-2018------
Mold-Tek Technologi. 31-01-2018Interim 0.00--------
Muthoot Finance 31-01-2018Interim 100.0019-02-2018------
ONGC 31-01-2018Interim 0.00--------
Satia Industries 31-01-2018Interim 10.0017-02-2018------
CARE Ratings 30-01-2018Interim 60.0012-02-2018------
Cholamandalam Invest 30-01-2018Interim 45.0012-02-2018------
Indian Oil Corp 30-01-2018Interim 190.0009-02-2018------
Info Edge (India) 30-01-2018Interim 15.0012-02-2018------
National Alumini 30-01-2018Interim 94.0020-02-2018------
Sterling Tools L 30-01-2018Interim 50.0021-02-2018------
AutoCorpn of Goa 29-01-2018Interim 50.0014-02-2018------
Baid Leasing and 29-01-2018Interim 5.0016-02-2018------
India Nippon Ele 29-01-2018Interim 60.0009-02-2018------
Rane Brake Lining Lt 29-01-2018Interim 65.0008-02-2018------
Security and Intelli 29-01-2018Interim 20.0008-02-2018------
Aegis Logistics Ltd. 25-01-2018Interim 50.0012-02-2018------
GMM Pfaudler Ltd 25-01-2018Interim 35.0015-02-2018------
Selan Exploratio 25-01-2018Interim 50.0010-02-2018------
SRF Ltd. 25-01-2018Interim 60.0016-02-2018------
VIP Indus. 25-01-2018Interim 50.0007-02-2018------
Container Corpor 24-01-2018Interim 96.0007-02-2018------
HIL 24-01-2018Interim 100.0006-02-2018------
IRB InvIT Fund 24-01-2018Interim 0.0002-02-2018------
Mahanagar Gas 24-01-2018Interim 80.0021-02-2018------
Motilal Oswal Financ 24-01-2018Interim 400.0006-02-2018------
Wendt India 24-01-2018Interim 100.0008-02-2018------
Edelweiss Fin. Ser 23-01-2018Interim 105.0005-02-2018------
Greaves Cotton 23-01-2018Interim 200.0015-02-2018------
IIFL Holdings 23-01-2018Interim 250.0008-02-2018------
Indiabulls Housing F 23-01-2018Interim 700.0003-02-2018------
Mold-Tek Packaging 23-01-2018Interim 0.00--------
NHPC 23-01-2018Interim 11.2021-02-2018------
Power Grid Corpo 23-01-2018Interim 24.5009-02-2018------
Rane (Madras) 23-01-2018Interim 45.0003-02-2018------

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